Hadouken Meme
Vadering Meme
Quidditching Meme



Koi Fish Painting under overpass (GVSU Pew Campus Bus Stop)

This Koi Fish graffiti speaks to me because I think it brings life into what I refer to as the concrete jungle. It is so refreshing to walk by a bright and lively piece of art in the middle of the city, especially under an overpass. Observing this beautiful work of art is my favorite part about waiting for the bus.



Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.33.48 PM.png

While viewing GVSU foundation’s annual report for 2016, I was most interested in the number of donors GVSU has accumulated. The GVSU Foundation page stated that more than 15,200 donors contributed this year. Although this year was not one of the highest giving years, the amount donated was equal to that of giving each GV student $522. Crazy.

{Favorite Internet Meme}


My favorite internet meme that is currently circulating the internet is the Evil Kermit Meme. I absolutely love this because 99% of the time it depicts the battle I personally have going on in my head. This one in particular is definitely one I know I (and any other crazy girlfriend) can relate to!

My roommates probably think I’m nuts when they hear me hysterically laughing at these alone in my room but the relevance is too real. I think memes are super important to the internet and social culture today because it is something that brings people together. While there is a lot of negative energy constantly filling up our news feeds, memes offer a break from our harsh realities and prosper positive connections between people everywhere. I can appreciate anyone with a thick skin and uncanny sense of humor.




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