Final Reflection

After reviewing my first blog post for this class, Putting the PR in Perfection, I have seen an immense amount of growth in my view on PR. Over the course of this semester I have learned so much not only about what PR is but what professionals actually do. The actual profession of Public Relations is far more in-depth and taxing than I had realized while writing my first ever blog post for this course.

In the initial post, I stated my knowledge on PR and how it was a highly complex job title that deals with relations to the public. While I still maintain this description, I have realized how much work actually goes into this job. When I first started the semester, I was ok with writing weekly blog posts and I was excited about starting a planbook for the class client. At the time, I was so unaware of how much work these tasks actually required.

The first few weeks weren’t so bad – I learned a lot about how PR works in various fields such as politics and crisis. My pieces for my planbook were actually coming along pretty smoothly and I began to consider a career in PR ( it’s just my minor!). As the semester continued, the planbook grew longer and the assignments became more detailed. I started to want to pull my hair out or just drop out of college in general. Writing a planbook is no easy task.

A planbook consists of all your ideas, illustrations, budgets, timelines, and evaluations for a client. As if it’s not enough work to just get that all out on paper, you have to make it look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention you have to go to the school copy center and print and bind this 50 page document. And then, just when you think all the hard work is done and over, you have to wait for the response of the person who read the book. Do they like my ideas? Did I forget anything? Is my budget reasonable? Is my research solid? All of these questions ran through my head after every detail.

My perception of PR was much simpler before, I considered communication with the public and being a spokesperson for a company. I never saw the actual work that went into making all those things happen. After writing my campaign planbook, I realized how much research, design, communication, and detail go into presenting information to the general public.

If I could explain to anyone my biggest takeaways from this course, it would be that public relations is not your 9-5 job, it wont be easy, it will seem extremely stressful, and you might really hate people at times; but, in the final stages of every project, you’ll actually be super proud of yourself and all the work you have put forward. I know I baffled on before about how PR needs individuals with a wide skills sets, but the assignments in this class helped manifest this for me. Its not about being the best speaker, communicator, writer, designer, or marketer; but, it’s about being well-rounded in each category, confident in yourself, and flexible enough to handle whatever comes your way.


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