Using Tech to Collaborate

It’s no doubt that in today’s society communication and collaboration are quite necessary for success. Universities are stressing it, jobs are demanding it, and websites are even giving you the “how to” on collaboration with your coworkers. It wasn’t until after my experience in my CAP 105 class (check out my last blog about this class, if you haven’t already) did I realize the possible future I could be looking at with collaboration.

Being a Communications major with an AdPR minor, I naturally assumed I was going to have to talk to people. I’ve never had a problem with that. I’ve been labeled “social butterfly, chatty Kathy, mouth from the south, chatterbox,” you get the point. I’ve never been afraid of communication because it’s always been my thing; that is, until technology changed everything.

Technology has opened the door for businesses to collaborate with one another without ever needing to physically meet the other person. Kind of creepy, extremely effective. We live in a world where people meet their future spouse online, so how could this not have an effect on my future career.

When I was young, I remember my parents going to the voting booth on election day and not even telling me who they voted for. Can you believe that? Their only daughter, and they wouldn’t even share with me what party they had elected to lead our country. Essentially, it was their vote and their privacy. I don’t know if you’ve been around for the last decade, or even the last month but things have changed and privacy is dead.

With technology and social media on the rise, people are communicating much more frequently. They have the opportunity to post whatever they want, whenever they want and discuss they’re opinions with each other in a matter of second. I noticed this had a HUGE impact on the presidential election this past month. An article I read on feedly further confirmed my unease as everyone and their mothers shared about who they were voting for and why it was wrong if you didn’t do the same. It was surreal to me how technology has changed what I had once considered to be social norms.

After reading the article about politics and social media, I came to the conclusion that if technology can change the norm of the political cycle, it very well will have an impact on my future career. It also hit me that I can use this tactic to enhance my professional platform. People are much easier reached, collaborated with, and persuaded by the use of technology. Instead of getting representatives from 500 companies together (which I believe is extremely beneficial and powerful) like they did at the World Business forum this year, managers of companies can simply make phone calls, send out mass emails, or start a Facebook page to share ideas with allies and competitors alike.

Before, I had been slightly afraid of technology and all its power; but, as I grow into my profession I’ve realized the ease that comes along with such a dominant tool. After reading another article from feedly, I learned to no longer be afraid of technology but to embrace it and how it can prosper my own skill set. The article explained how through technology the goal is not to “make super humans, but make humans super.” I could get on board with that.

On a field trip to CHOP & HUE, I got to chat with some advertisement professionals. They shared with me how they can collaborate on a project simply through technology. These folks at CHOP & HUE are making commercials for some big name companies, while collaborating on it with people 176 miles away in Chicago. Amazing!

Another sweet tip I picked up from CAP 105 was how to manage a Hootsuite account. Hootsuite allows users to manipulate all social media platforms from one central hub. My professor uses the site everyday to post to her client’s account where her client can also be involved in the process and view everything she creates.

College is the prime time to start networking and making connections, but what happens when we graduate and move to different corners of the world? That’s where technology steps in. Even Isaac Newton began collaborating and gained influence in his years at Trinity college of Cambridge, but what he lacked was the luxury to further expand on ideas and projects with his colleagues upon leaving school.

With the amount of information, resources, and communication available to us through technology, my future career in this field has not only become a highly needed one, it has also become much more competitive. After my experience in CAP 105 I’ve met a lot of talented people going after the same occupation as I am. It’s not the kind of competition you see in a nursing program where whoever has the highest GPA and most volunteer hours gets the slot. This is a whole new game. My field will require a constant battle of discovering who is the most professional, innovative, creative, and effective. Technology has expanded substantially and almost everyone has access to such tools at the touch of a button; so I guess my only question is, what will set you apart?



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