Technology in Careers


In this day & age technology can make or break you. With ever-changing softwares and social media platforms, you just simply won’t make the cut if you aren’t up to date. Here are a few job positions that caught my eye and the “techquirments” you’ll need to be a step above the rest come application time!

Event Planner


  • Microsoft Office and Database software experience for tasks such as: tracking costs, maintaining schedules of events, and logistic information.
  • Besides the lack of a Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years of experience in planning/management, I would not qualify for this job due to my inexperience with database software. My minimal knowledge of Microsoft Office and other digital business tools would certainly disqualify me from this position; although, through obtaining a degree in management and finding an internship that will enhance these skills, eventually I could apply for such a position.


VP of Ministry Growth and Advancement

SpringHIll Camps

  • Keep track of data and manage sales,
  • Create new ideas and platforms for the camp
  • This would require skill with applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Besides the lack of a Bachelor’s degree and 7-10 years of business/senior leadership experience, I meet all other qualifications. As a college student, I will fall short in many experience areas but as for tasks such as maintaining core values, envisioning the future of the camp, and being a conceptual thinker, I would be a candidate for the position.



Mission India

  • Digital requirements for this job would be knowledge of software such as Microsoft Word, as you will be writing stories.
  • Proper use of the Internet for research to aid in your journalism.
  • This job does require a degree in communications, which I will fall short of until Spring 2018. One other area I would not meet expectation is would be experience with Microsoft Office Suite, as I take more courses at GVSU including and similar to CAP 105, I will become more qualified for this position.


Youth Ministry Coordinator

Trinity United Methodist Church

  • This position involved planning a program for students grades 2-12. This would require knowledge of schedule software and other applications to aid in even planning.
  • 1-3 years of youth ministry experience is preferred but this does not completely disqualify me from the position, although it would give me a stronger advantage among candidates.


Family Ministry Coordinator

Vergennes Church

  • This position focuses on organizing discipleship opportunity, which would require increased knowledge of digital software.
  • Outreach positions such as these also need experience with social media, as this is a huge way they market and gain public interest.
  • College education is recommended for this job, which I do have. The only lacking qualification I have is experience with coordinating, which can be further developed through my degree program.


Family Life Pastor

Mars Hill Bible Church

  • This Family Life Pastor position includes tasks such as event planning, leading a staff, outreaching a community, collaborating with others, and engagement a congregation.
  • To successfully fulfill this job description, knowledge in planning software, Microsoft Office applications, and social media is crucial.
  • Without a degree of 5-7 years of experience in pastoral leadership, I could not apply for this job as a strong candidate. Through internships and completing my education I will increase my chances of becoming qualified for a job such as this.


Youth Specialist

Bethany Christian Services*2E240B1D0605E1A3

  • Sufficiency in making copies
  • Filling out digital paperwork
  • Keeping a point sheet up to date.
  • Besides the lack of a degree, I also am not bilingual in English and Spanish, as this job requires. To be successful in applying for this position I would have to switch my major from a BS to a BA and gain education in Spanish.


Pregnancy Counselor

Bethany Christian Services*3286DCBD79C47F7E

  • This position would require advanced skill and knowledge in digital areas such as email, social media outreach, appointment scheduling, and paperwork for potential adoption. All of these categories reply on software and digital agents.
  • After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I would be qualified for this position. The area I fall most short in is the computer skills; but, through further education in my degree program in courses such as CAP105, I will increase my eligibility.


Community Youth Development Coordinator

Pathways, MI,-MI/jobs/Community-Youth-Development-Coordinator-4b4e1a9b4df2ed76?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvZr6AuUSIGdwzp7L93QJjWyYPozHzg6Y5cyUh1h2paVz0HvSl9vKPawCi6QciNqSsryz5iNVDqd52PntSjJj22Ljowzm9cOSF9W94fOUKU6w

  • Program coordinating and volunteer facilitating will require outreach to people and organization via services such as email and Microsoft Outlook.
  • The only qualification I lack is a Bachelor’s Degree which I will receive in Spring 2018.


Communications Associate

Sabo Public relations

  • Digitally organizing analytics digitally
  • Knowledge of key social media platforms
  • Proficiency in using tools such as Microsoft word or blogging pages to write effective stories.
  • I would fall short of qualifying for this job because I lack a Bachelor’s degree and also 3 years of communication/marketing/public relations experience. Through obtaining my degree and internships I could apply for a job similar to this shortly after graduation.

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