Final Reflection

After reviewing my first blog post for this class, Putting the PR in Perfection, I have seen an immense amount of growth in my view on PR. Over the course of this semester I have learned so much not only about what PR is but what professionals actually do. The actual profession of Public Relations […]

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It’s 11pm. It’s the end of the semester, and I have no idea what ROI in PR means. To be honest, it just kind of hit me when I was finishing up my budget draft for my CAP 220 class. I knew return on investment was important to people when making business decisions but it all […]

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Casual Relations

It is no question that social media has become one of the most vital parts of Public Relations today. Because basically all of our society is living in the digital world, social media one of the most effective ways to reach them to date. Although, as I’ve said in basically all my other blogs, the […]

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Top Pick: Politics in PR

From Google Analytics to the Chipotle Crisis – we’ve seen Public Relations tackle it all. To narrow down the job description of a Public Relations Professional would be to count the grains of sand in Lake Michigan. This job requires not only great people skills, but a vast variety of competence in basically any communication qualifications […]

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Burrito Battle

Conflict management is essential for any company in today’s society. Conflict management plans lay out a set of steps for businesses to follow if crisis should ever strike. Although the crisis is often times out of the companies control, the actions they take in preventing and preparing for it are simply up to them. The […]

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Putting the PR in PeRfection

You would think it would be the basic building block for any successful company. I mean, if they people don’t like your brand, you don’t really stand a chance from my perspective. If you haven’t guessed what I’m babbling about yet, we’re dissecting the matter that is Public Relations. With PR being one of the most […]

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